Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018, Support.

For Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018, I wanted to create a series of posts that shared experiences of awareness, support and effects of the media. Whilst doing this I wanted to ensure the posts were far from triggering or stigmatising, by sticking to the mental health media charter and B-eat guidelines. Together, I believe the series of three posts are powerful without being harmful or reinforcing the stereotypes and misconceptions that we will unfortunately see this week.


For the second post I asked each contributor one question on the topic of support.

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Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018, Awareness.

For Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2018, I wanted to create a series of posts that shared experiences of awareness, support and effects of the media. Whilst doing this I wanted to ensure the posts were far from triggering or stigmatising, by sticking to the mental health media charter and B-eat guidelines. Together, I believe the series of three posts are powerful without being harmful or reinforcing the stereotypes and misconceptions that we will unfortunately see this week.


For the first post I asked each contributor two questions on the topic of awareness.

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Making choices.

Making choices is something that I have been looking at over the last few months, sometimes without even realising myself doing so. It is something that appears in most of our daily lives. More often than not making a choice that suits us or another better, and sometimes, not always, coming with consequences or regret. That aside, I am coming to realise that making a choice, does not always have to be thought through, that sometimes we just have to go with what feels right, at that particular time.

Of course, there are many topics and wanders if you like, within ‘making choices’. For me, I am currently wandering the choices I make involving my health. Making choices or in my case more like compromises between my physical and mental health. Choices that unfortunately come with consequences.

In context, this weekend, I needed to be outside, the sun was shinning, images of snowdrops were beginning to fill my social media and as always Archies eyes told me he needed adventure.

Friday morning, saw my first glimpse of blue sky, with that I made a choice to go walking, putting my todo list aside and embracing the choice without second thought. My mother and I went for a beautiful walk, Archie ran through woodlands (his favourite), we listened to the birds, walked through muddy puddles and I saw the first signs of Spring.


I felt mindful, refreshed and grateful. These feelings stayed with me and Saturday we were blessed with another day of blue sky, which of course, made me want increase these feelings, and explore a little more and so I did. A choice that came with a little more thought, as I weighed up the benefits over the consequences, choosing to better my mental health over the chances of physical pain.

Overthinking aside, my mother and I decided to walk a little higher and see the sun set, we walked and like I wanted, my feelings increased. Both mindfulness and gratitude at their peaks, leaving me feeling truly fulfilled and content.

Whilst walking down, my knee twinged, followed by other parts of my body, the sharp reminder of those consequences appeared. The feelings of presence and gratitude, overruled this moment of regret and I mentally made a belated compromise to walk the mountain, I will have a few days in pain.

This is were I am, the few days (I wishfully say to myself) in pain, I accept it. I accept that I will probably always have to make these choices and compromises, or at least for now. This is okay because although I do not get to do all I love, all of the time, I still get to do it.

I guess this is much like other health choices I have to make, to eat gluten, I would be in pain, therefore I do not eat gluten, the gluten is not worth the pain but the mountain, that most definitely is.

I do not really know where I was going with this impromptu post but I felt the need to share this I guess lesson in choices? Or perhaps just another rambling thought.

Wishing you well,


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Mindfulness, social media & a ukulele.

Time to talk day spoke to me, in many ways but one way in particular. In seeing and hearing each and every person who is open about their mental health, and not just mental health but physical too.

I receive messages of administration, inspired by my ‘bravery’ for talking but I do not.

I do not talk about my struggles with health, not until I find some sort of answer or conclusion, a lesson, something I wish to help another.

I do not want to portray an image that only looks positive, sure I go through something, I learn by it and I share that but whilst doing so I continue to try and paint a picture of my life without pain.

Although in many ways I speak, I stand up to judgement, stigma and discrimination or the fear of, but in many ways I do not. The fear of not being accepted by something that is out of my control, whether mind or body, is still here.

I know there is more to me than this but I want to write through the pain I feel without fear of judgement. Allowing my words to be a comfort to others, in the way others talk are a comfort to me. When I relate to someone’s experience, I feel less alone, less ashamed and less fearful.

I guess, like the majority of my wonders through small steps I will get there. This week has not been a good week, I do not have an answer but that is okay, it is okay to not be okay.

Social media and blogging can mask a persons pain, this can lead to unrealistic comparison, I do not want to be apart of that. I want my blog and social media channels to be a safe place, encouraging more honesty and following in the footsteps of those who are truly inspiring.

Thanking each person who talks, you make a difference.

Whilst saying this I still believe in “Everyday may not be good but there is good in everyday.”- Alice Morse Earle, in looking or trying to look at the bright side. A note to self, every week may not be mindful but there are mindful moments in every week.

An unconcluded blog post, a somewhat mindful YouTube video and a natural, simplistic Instagram post.

Non of which truly explain or portray the wonders of my mind, my thoughts and my life. Please remind yourself that a life on social media is only a small, teeny, tiny part of a life, whether it be somebody who you follow or your own.

I spent some much needed time offline this weekend, as always, I found it refreshing, yet no matter how refreshed I feel now, I know how easy it is to slip into the constant notifications and posting. Another note to self, spend more time offline.

This week I bought a ukulele, not because I am cool or even the slightest little bit musical but because my bones hurt so much I am starting to struggle to grip things, opening jars is becoming hard and I drop things too. So, of course, I bought a ukulele incase it gets worse and before I will ever know if I can play the ukulele, or not. Probably or not, but it is worth a try, right? It gets me offline too, win win. – A somewhat more honest, less embarrassed or feared addition to the post.

Thank you for reading,


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Four animals that better my wellbeing.

1. Dogs, firstly, shout out to Syd-dywidwid, Archie-parchie, Osca-pants, Jess-yjessjess & Ralph-palphy, the main five dogs in my life. Okay, so as you can probably tell, I am a ‘dog person’. There are many ways these little, or more like large, four legged friends have the ability to brighten my mood.

When I feel low Syd is sure to be there, rolling around, huffing and puffing, and all around being completely adorable. Bare in mind, he is only available for cuddles when needed, which amazingly he knows just when they are. When I feel alone, Archie is the first to ensure me I am not, he is a sensitive soul and needs me just as much as I need him. Archie also, makes me feel kind of safe, when physically alone as well as mentally, he gives me a sense of security.

I love these dogs just as much as each other but Osca is is truly adorable, he is nine years old and still acts and looks just like a puppy. Osca and I have probably had the most adventures and although small, there is no mountain he cannot climb. Jess is a wild spirit and shows me what it is to be care free, to run wild and be free.Ralph, is our latest family member, and he reminds me of just that, family, feeling like a proud auntie each time I see him. Ralph is the definition of a gentle giant, he will knock you down but only to kiss you.

Even dogs I do not know have had such a positive impact on my mental health. Whilst in hospital, a therapy dog visited the ward, he was a golden retriever, also called Syd. Seeing Syd, seemed to give myself and others a kind of happiness, he lifted the ward and made the place feel brighter.

As well as dogs bettering my own mental health, I have seen Archie, lift my family members too, especially my grandmother, seeing her feel happier, makes me feel happier. I see this happiness whilst out walking, in myself and in the faces of others, those with their own dogs or without. Dogs are conversation starters, the warm smile or laughter at the way they play with each other.

2. Lambs, of course number two had to be the lambs, with a very personal reason behind it. For as long as I can remember, each Spring my family and I have gone to my grandfathers farm to visit the lambs. One of the reasons behind my love for animals and vegan lifestyle. Anyway, whilst I was ill, in one of my worst relapses with Anorexia, my family had planned the trip, thinking we could take it easy and it would, like always, help me feel a little brighter. February, two thousand and fourteen, I was too ill to leave my bed, I insisted my family went and enjoyed seeing them for me. I spent that day, in bed, crying in pain, crying at how Anorexia had taken this moment from me. This is such a prominent moment in my life, one that each time I see the first lamb of the year, I remember. I remember how I felt that day, and I look at how far I have come since. I feel proud, grateful and hopeful, hopeful for the brighter days that continue to come.

3. Robins, similar to Archie in feeling less alone, each time I see a robin, I get a sense of presence. Whether I am feeling alone or not, on a frosty, winters morning, nothing beats seeing a robin sitting on my garden fence. If only for a few moments, their peaceful presence, is enough to make a difference. Being too quick to fly away, I have given up in trying to take a photograph, making my time watching the robin all the more present.

4. Cats, as a child I had a fear of cats, this has kind of lingered throughout my life, even now I am still quite fearful. It is a work in progress, but seeing the cute, ginger kitten across the road, growing into a cat, has allowed me to change the way I see these, to me, unusual animals. I love watching this cat from my window, seeing the way he plays with the wind and the leaves, he walks around the street so confident and fearless, even with Archie leering by the gate. From seeing his growth and personality, I have even attempted to stroke him, he ran away but still. I guess, this small cat has subconsciously question and challenge the fear I have.

This list could go on, I have not even mentioned cows, pigs, horses and hedgehogs, or my favourite orangutang, oh no wait, pandas (choosing a favourite animal is impossible) and of course, I am talking photographs and videos as well.

This post has been inspired by two of my greatest passions bettering our mental health and my love for animals, combining the two only seems right, right?

As always, I welcome your thoughts and stories too, has an animal bettered your mental health, if so how?

Thank you for reading,


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