I am Nicole and this is my journey.

In 2012, after being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, I began blogging as a distraction from what I was going through and to my surprise, I found comfort in writing. I found a place to share my thoughts, an outlet for how I felt and connecting with others who had experienced ill health. ‘Nicole’s Journey‘ has grown in many ways since 2012 but it continues to be an outlet and place to share my day to day life, my creativities and adventures whilst finding balance with ill health.

From my time studying Art, Fashion and floristry, there really is no escaping my love for creativity. My most recent venture is Flowers in Mind, a creative floral filled project that hopes to raise awareness and increase compassion for those of us with mental health problems or illnesses.

My journey here has saw, my return to university to study Health and Social Care, my many volunteer roles to working within mental health for various charities. Now, not only continuing to share my experiences with mental illness in the hope to reduce the stigma, discrimination and misunderstandings, but also supporting others in doing so too. My passion for better mental health and wellbeing as a whole keeps on growing.

My journey has taken me to places I could have never imagined it would and continues to do so with new doors and opportunities appearing, what would once be great challenges, I now welcome, sharing all I learn here.

I have found peace through mindfulness and noticing the little things, I have become truly grateful and blessed for all around me. Sharing this through my photography, adventures here in North Wales and my travel posts. I cannot explain the joy I have whilst I am exploring the blue skies and wildflowers.

This journey has also seen some difficulties, from learning to manage mental health problems to discovering physical illness and being diagnosed gluten intolerant whilst trying to find balance in restoring a healthy relationship with food. After finding that I am not the only one who has this experience of finding balance with allergies, I decided to begin posting, ‘free from food favourites’, posting easy to find alternatives, food reviews and recipes.

I am an ethical vegan also reason behind my ‘favourites’ posts. Since being vegetarian from a young age, the change in becoming vegan came naturally to me although, I fully believe in finding and doing what works for you.

I am honest, very open minded and I always love to hear your interests, feedback, suggestions and anything you think would help me or someone else reading.

Welcome to Nicole’s Journey, I hope you enjoy reading.


You can also follow my journey over on: Twitter, InstagramFacebook & Bloglovin

I am PR & Media Friendly: nicolebethanwilliams@gmail.com

Published writing & collaborations: Being a TTC Young Champion , World Mental Health Day 2016, Goodbye Anorexia, Anorexia Halloween Costume, In Your Corner, The Metro-In Your Corner, What It Feels Like, Vuelio’s Top 10 Mental Health Blogs, Vuelio: Blogger Spotlight, Fixers UK, Welzen ‘How mindfulness has helped me with self-care’, It’s Time to Talk Suicide, Campaigning to End Stigma, The Counsellors Cafe ‘Return to Health’, Animals are my therapy, Breathe Magazine ‘Everyday Mindfulness’,

Please note, whilst I often write about eating disorders, mental health, allergies and intolerances I solely speak from my personal experience. If you need support or information please see B-eat (Beating Eating Disorders), Mind, Samaritans.  



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