Take pride in the small things.

Sometimes I can get stuck with self-comparison, even when I feel proud of myself, a cycle of negativity can come crashing in. I feel proud of myself for something small, say I have challenged or changed something, and I get that almost ‘buzz’ like ‘you did it’ moment. Then sometimes the cycle of negativity steps in, and immediately, encourages me to compare what I see as something to be proud of, to how someone else may see it as easy and perhaps, nothing to be proud of, does that make sense?

As have learnt, we all have different ‘challenges’, moments we find difficult, others will find easier and vice versa but regardless of others, you are allowed to be proud of yourself for pretty much everything and anything, and personally, I believe there are huge benefits in feeling proud of ourselves, for the smaller things as well as the bigger things.

Whilst I can see the positives in setting ‘high-achieving’ goals and looking at others for inspiration, I think we can often see far too many ‘end achievements’, which again, can sometimes be inspiring but also can lead to self-comparison and open a spiralling-spiral of negative thinking.

Note to self and anyone else who may need it: celebrate trying, take pride in your beginning, congratulate yourself for your first step and each step that follows, no matter how small or big, each step adds to your progress, see the achievements in all you ARE doing and look at you go right where you are.

Here are a couple of small things this week I am proud of, that I began to think negatively about because they are well, small, and also because others would maybe see them as easy.

I took a couple of moments to do something just for me, of course, florals and photography were both involved, as was taking a moment to myself, to breathe and be present. Sometimes this feels like second nature and I am able to do it without congratulating myself, other times it takes a little pushing, reflecting and giving myself a tap on the back.

'team bride'-2

I posted this photograph on Instagram, and in doing so, I kind of, faced some of the self-doubt and negativity my head felt as though it was filled with. I also checked in with myself and set myself some small goals, I journaled down some thoughts and generally gave myself a little mind-space, for this I am proud.

I also, had a Spring clean in my office, and with myself in what feels like the last climb of university work and with deadlines approaching, it was most helpful in feeling a little clearer and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I understand, if you are unable to feel proud of yourself right now, I know, it really is not as easy as it sounds, but please take this post, as a note that says, I am proud of you because I really, really am. Perhaps, take a moment or two, to acknowledge the small things you have done this week or month and be proud of yourself for all the things, no matter how small.

Little reminders 

I do hope that makes sense, I know I ramble on about small things and so on, but I have a lot of thoughts and often think, perhaps these moments can help another. Anyway, wishing you a lovely week, day, month, year.. see I cannot even say goodbye without rambling.

Thank you for reading,


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2 thoughts on “Take pride in the small things.

  1. nicolesjourney

    Thank you for reading 🙂 I do that too but I am getting into the habit of being more aware of the value of pausing and congratulating myself for what I have done, before moving on to what I can do next xx


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