Just for me days.

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed myself become busier and busier, with my list of things I want to do and opportunities I cannot say no to growing, it has become more difficult for me to do things, just for me. Of course, most of, if not all of, what I do is somewhat for me too but not often ‘just for me’, you know? Even when something is just for me, does writing about it, make it less just for me? I think that might be reading too much into it, so instead I shall share because I also see posts like this, more just for me. I know, if I were speaking right now, I would be speaking too much.

Of course, a just for me day more often than not includes some kind of adventure, the first being a truly beautiful walk at The Fairy Glen, Betws-y-Coed. I have never heard of this place before and I never expected it to be so magical, I was honestly looking for fairies. It is not a long walk, half an hour to an hour, but it is very hilly and if like me, you will soon ware out by climbing all kinds of slippery rocks to get the best view. It is completely hidden away and you would never know such a place existed, nestled in the woodland area, is this incredibly beautiful walk. Dogs are welcome although I would definitely not risk taking Archie, there are a few picnic benches too and a small car park. If you visit make sure to take a couple of pound for the honesty box.

Another just for me day, okay maybe not a day but more an hour or so, was something I shared over on Instagram, about spending time playing around with my granddads old cameras. I have always loved photography, vintage and antiques so finding these cameras and actually getting one working felt like such an enjoyable old man hobby, my granddad would be most happy. I spent sometime playing around and have been doing a little experimenting with editing too, as a teenager I always did things like this and it felt nice to do it again, without it being for a purpose.

Finally, we saw some blue sky! I was feeling slightly tired but I simply could not resist putting on my trainers and getting outside, my dad and Archie joined and we went to The Sandstone Trail, Cheshire. This walk can be as long or as short as you like but again it is quite hilly, we opted for a usual route, an hours loop around the trail, up one side and down the other, with some beautiful views in the middle. I love this walk when the sky is clear, it is more open than other walks with only short spurts covered by trees. Previous weekend walks here have been super packed but this time my dad and I must have seen less than a handful of people, actually I think we saw more dogs than people which is always nice.

The last walk and just for me day was today. I woke up super early, as I have been most days over the last few weeks, not down to business but there is a bird that chirps very loudly around five o’clock each morning. I usually wake up hating him, sorry bird, but I need those extra two hours. Not this morning though, this morning I woke up with a lot more energy and so awake and ready to go, I messaged my aunty, my goto fellow explorer. The weather was very gloomy so we decided to do a quick walk around Hope mountain, here you can practically drive to the top of the mountain and walk around the surface, or so I think. Anyway, the weather definitely did not stop us, we walked through puddles, very wet grass and extremely muddy puddles, as you can tell by Jess. I love an early morning walk, it just sets me up for the whole day, and on a Sunday for the whole week, or at least I hope!

My coming week is also quite a busy one, so I shall be spending my Sunday evening relaxing. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and taken some time to do things just for you.

Wishing you well,


For more of my adventures you can follow me on Instagram, I am really enjoying using Instagram stories too.

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