Thriving day five, six & seven (oops).

Firstly, I apologise for cramming three days into this longer than usual post.

Friday was a quiet day for me, which I would not say I enjoyed but it was needed. I always find I am useless at spending more than a few hours doing nothing. I know a lot of you might wonder, why I would want to do nothing, but there is something wonderful about being able to sit and breathe. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy meditating but not sitting hours on end, although getting better I find a few moments sitting long enough and that mindful movements and yoga work so much better for me.

I spent an hour or so reading, I have just started reading ‘Run for your life, mindful running for a happy life’ by William Pullen. I am a very slow reader so please do not expect a review straight away, but so far, so good. I enjoyed sitting, reading and listening to the rain fall. I was kind of dreading the return of the rain, as I have been enjoying the sunshine so much. After speaking with a shopkeeper (that sounds old fashioned but I did not want to refer to him as just ‘a man’) the other day and him saying he needed the rain to fall for his grass to grow again, I looked at it in a different light and as I have said many times before listening to the rain hit my window is one of the most comforting things there is.


It sounds silly but after reading a few pages and resting when I needed to rest, I felt a burst of energy appear, one that lead me to dragging my father out for a short run. It was far from a scenic route but I kept mindful. I felt how the drizzly rain hit my face, the cold wind on my hands and the way my heart beat faster and faster. It was the longest streak I have done without stopping to walk a little, small but a proud moment.

There is something so uplifting about being able to be proud of the small things you achieve. I guess this, is why I write and another thing #thrivelive has taught me. Although, I hope my posts here help somebody, whoever you are reading, writing allows me to reflect, and helps me become more self-aware.

Moving on from yet another ramble, day six of #thrivelive was another quiet day. Do you ever have those days where you feel bored but your too tired to do anything? Friday and Saturday were those kinds of days. On Saturday I struggled to do anything obvious for my mental health, I went to see one of my oldest friends which was lovely. I planned on running again, purely because I felt I should do something to make me feel good but I was just too tired. Instead, I listened to my body and did some light yoga before having a relaxing evening, which weirdly involved me putting avocado on my face, along with coconut oil on my hair and cooking up one of my favourite meals. Just your typical vegan self-care routine I am sure.

Bringing me to the last day of #thrivelive and after Saturdays rest I woke up this morning feeling much more energised and ready for the day which included another short run. I then enjoyed a very bubbly bath before getting ready and going out for dinner with my family to celebrate my brother’s birthday. It was lovely to spend time with my family, although all very sleepy. I am now writing and catching up with some blogs, including the wonderful Jodie’s, In Your Corner post, ending the week feeling very inspired.

As Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 finishes and the #thrivelive blog posts end, I feel that I came close to falling into a trap of putting too much pressure on myself to be happy. As much as doing things to make yourself happy, taking time for yourself and being more mindful is beneficial, I think it is just as important to know that, it is okay to not be okay. That it is okay to feel sad and upset, to allow yourself to cry or to feel whatever it is you feel without trying to change it. I apologise if I sound as though I am contradicting myself a little here but I want to keep things honest with you. Not all days are great and that is okay.

One of the main reasons I started these #thrivelive diary style posts was to show that it is okay to talk openly about our mental health and it is not something that we should be ashamed of, after all, we all have mental health. Allow yourself the chance to thrive but be kind to yourself in doing so.

Please continue to raise awareness of mental health, talking can change lives.

Thank you for reading,18425047_10154351310761300_2217255330349171624_n


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