International Nurses Day.

A short, unplanned post seeing as I did not know it was International Nurses Day, or even that such a thing existed, until this morning when my Twitter feed exploded with appreciation posts.

I often think about the nurses that helped me during my time in hospital, their words continuing to help me once I had left. Some more helpful than others, of course, I do not blame them, without specialised training taking care of people experiencing an Eating Disorder must be most difficult.

Without focusing on the not so great practice and care I received, I would like to thank each nurse that was patient and empathetic with me. The nurses who tried to understand what it was like to have a mental illness, to be away from family and friends and for my time in hospital who became my family and friends. The nurses, and support staff to, who changed the scary experience into a somewhat positive one.

It feels like a lifetime ago now and I cannot believe how, although difficult, I am able to look back and smile. Just to be clear it was a hard time, one I would not wish upon another, but it was the time I truly began my recovery. The nurses helping me build who I was without Anorexia, supporting me in letting go and healing.

From listening to hours of crying in pain, to distracting me with games and stories of their families. Reminding me I had nothing to be ashamed of, allowing me to talk openly, making it easier to wake up and continue to get better.

Each act of kindness and care made the world of difference.

The nurses held hope for me when I felt utterly hopeless and believed in me when I could not believe in myself. It was the nurses that inspired me to go to college, to learn more about myself and allow myself to grow. Continuing to inspire me to return to university and study health and social care, in the hope that I to can be there for others in a similar way. I cannot put into words my gratitude and appreciation for each nurse that guided my recovery.

It is unlikely that any of the nurses that helped me are reading this now but to all nurses, please know you make a difference.

Thank you,



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