Oh the places you’ll go.

This evening my aunt and I went walking, it was a spur of the moment walk, which are always the best. The sun was shinning, the sky was blue and all was beautiful with the world. We walked past some truly beautiful houses and farms, wild flowers and a river so peaceful we meditated a little. As we drove just ten minutes away from home we saw the usually empty fields filled with caravans, tents and families out exploring. A few years ago I would have thought to myself; why on earth would anybody want to spend there holiday here? Now I can see why, it might be small but it really is wonderful, I feel so blessed to have this on my doorstep. Maybe there is beauty everywhere and it is the thoughts you have that make a difference.


Chunky Monkey Muffins.

All hale I baked some gluten free, vegan muffins! I just know you won’t regret baking these (or eating them either), you also won’t be able to resist having at least two. Would you believe me if I told you they were quick and easy to bake? Probably not because they are gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar free (healthy even!) but I promise they are super simple and taste delicious.

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Llandudno Day.

Llandudno is one of those places that as soon as I arrive I am filled with childhood memories, roller blading up and down the promenade, eating ice lollies, building sandcastles and watching the boats from the pier.

This weekend my sister and I decided to go for a walk and visit The Rabbit Hole Cafe, a truly lovely cafe just off Llandudno’s main street. The cafe caters for gluten free, dairy free, vegetarians and vegans, it also a Social Enterprise set up by Aberconwy Mind, what could be more perfect? The cafe is Alice and Wonderland themed with a quirky and unique decor. The food was fresh, locally sourced and not to mention delicious. I could not decide what to have but I was more than happy with my choice of ‘the rainbow salad’, although I will have to make another trip to have some of the potato wedges my sister raved about.


Whilst walking along the pier we stumbled into one of the many traditional sweet shops, where I was drawn to these edible flower lollipops, how adorable? I have a love for pressed flowers and these looked like pastel, glass, crystal, floral, sweetness and all things lovely! They are so pretty and would be perfect for wedding favours (not that I am planning a wedding).

Although a little rainy, my sister and I enjoyed our walk being reminded of all the wonderful childhood days we had spent at Llandudno. If you are ever in the area I would highly recommend visiting The Rabbit Hole Cafe, even if your not free from anything, their menu caters for all.


April Favourites.

I can not believe how quickly April has gone. The last few weeks I have been super busy with deadlines and work placements so haven’t had much time for favourites however, these are a few things I had to share.

Meridian almond butter, this month I have been reintroduced to this totally addictive nut butter and I have been going through a jar a week which means one thing.. Overnight oats, even when it looks like there isn’t anything left in the jar it still makes the most deliciously, perfectly, almondy bowl of porridge.

Calm App, I mentioned this in another post but it is my new favourite app. I pop it on all the time, it is the best way to fall asleep, wake up, eat breakfast and well, relax. Also kind of fitting with this app the quote ‘Enjoy the little things’, this month I feel I have really started to focus on the small things that make me happy, leaving me feel less anxious and more positive. Again fitting with the calmness and little things, how beautiful are the Spring blue-bells appearing everywhere?

Jane The Virgin, I can not say enough about this series, I just love it! It is killing me that I can’t watch season two, if anyone knows how or when I can please let me know. I find it hard to get into series and there is only a handful of them that I have been able to watch all the way through. I would describe this as kind of like Ugly Betty or even Desperate Housewives (not as dramatic), it is funny with a twist of drama. I highly suggest you watch it, it is on Netflix UK.

Deliciously Ella’s Hot Chocolate, I have recently bought raw cacao powder (I know, where have I been?) and well I have been too busy to bake anything I have been itching to try it so a hot chocolate it was and wow it is the best hot chocolate I think I have ever tried. You will not regret making this.

Wagamama’s yasai itame, technically not an April favourite as I went today but Wagamama can come into all the favourites! This was my first time trying the Yasai Itame (already gluten free and vegan) and it was delicious. If like me you aren’t a big fan of coconut do not be put off this dish, it isn’t at all over powering and tastes really nice with the chilli and lemongrass flavours. Also my first time trying tofu and it was not at all what I imagined it to taste like.

The Jungle Book, I love the Disney remakes although I can’t help feel like I don’t want them to ruin the originals and all the childhood memories that go with them, if that makes sense? Anyway The Jungle Book was such a favourite of mine I really didn’t know if it was worth seeing but I am glad I did. It is very well created, it sticks to the story line, the actors play the parts perfectly and yes they sing to!

Marks & Spencer’s dairy free chocolate bars, I love very dark chocolate so anything above 70% isn’t my favourite with the exception of these bars, M&S I don’t know how you have done it but well done. Totally in love with these bars, it is also nice to have a high street grab and go bar.

That’s all for April, let us have a beautiful favourite filled May, Nicole.