Hello Little One.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 08.49.24.pngI wouldn’t usually post a single photograph like this one but how could I resist? This last week I have felt anxiety slowly creeping up on me, yesterday I felt the dreaded suffocated feeling, I haven’t felt like that in a while. Thankfully I recognised it before it got any worse and so I decided to go for a walk, find some peacefulness and enjoy the beautiful evening.

Whilst walking down the country lane, next to a field filled with sheep and lambs all jumping around, I met this little guy who came right up to the wall. For a moment I thought he was going to jump down onto the lane so I walked closer thinking he might run away to join the others. I thought wrong, as I approached him he walked closer to me. It probably sounds silly and yes rather ‘mushy’ but it was such a beautiful moment.

Maybe I am a little hormonal or I could just have too many vegan emotions but if my mother were not at the end of the lane hurrying me along I would have been very tempted to take this little one home with me. After posting this photograph in a vegan group and reading the comments, I am reminded just how cruel this world is.

His innocent beauty will be taken from him by humankind and without turning into a rant, I tell myself that I might not be able to help him but I do make a difference.

In someway, no matter how small, being vegan does make a difference.



Sweet potato and lentil curry.

For my birthday dinner my mother and I cooked up this delicious curry. I can never find a recipe suitable (Nicole friendly) so we looked at a few and came up with this lovely recipe. As well as gluten, I have other intolerances including tomatoes, onion and garlic so finding a curry that doesn’t include these is tougher than it sounds. This recipe is super simple, quick and all in one pot.


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Hello 23.

Today I turned 23 and my day was filled with love, happiness and true peacefulness, here is a kind of photograph diary of my day.

I did not have much planned and with it also being Easter Sunday I was more than happy to spend the day visiting family, eating chocolate and of course a cosy film with my two furry friends. I feel, a princess crossed with the easter bunny! If only every birthday could be this magical.

Also this week, my friend and I booked a summer trip to Paris, a little birthday present to myself (okay maybe not so little).

I hope you to have had a lovely Easter and wishing you a beautiful week,



This morning my auntie and I took a trip to Snowdon, we left at four thirty in the morning and were walking by six. It sounds a little out there but walking up Snowdon has been on my to do list for far too long and I feel rather incredible that today I managed to cross it off.

It was icy, cold and snowy but that did not stop us, two brave little jack russell’s lead the way, cleverly taking the Pyg track up and the Miners track down, with just a few wrong turns along the way. There were also a couple of trips mainly due to being distracted by such beauty and not concentrating on our feet/paws. I am blessed to live not far from such a beautiful place and I am already looking forward to my next visit, although for now I am quite happy to be bathed and in my pyjamas.

I can’t quite express how wonderful it feels to be healthy, fit and happy enough to be able to do it. I didn’t feel weak or ill and I was free enough to truly appreciate all that was around me. I was also well fuelled which of course goes without saying and wrapped in so many layers I am surprised I could move, you never know what this Welsh weather will turn into. Also if your planning on coming to Wales for any particular reason I would suggest going to Snowdon even if you don’t want to go to the top, the Miners track has some breathtaking views and wonderful spots for light walks and picnics to!

Well thats me done for today, is half past four too early for bed?


More March delights.

The warmer weather has finally been making an appearance and with it has come some beautiful walks, seeing the Spring lambs jumping around and the fields surrounded by bunches of daffodils. It has also been warm enough to enjoy delicious salads filled with all things vegan, here is one I enjoyed whilst out for lunch with family courtesy of a lovely cosy pub.

Speaking of vegan here are a couple of my Easter treats, I know its still early but I think they will sell out quickly so I am showing you in advance. Big thank you to Hotel Chocolat and Lindt for selling vegan deliciousness.

I have also been to my first yoga class, I have been trying a few poses for a while now but never been to an actual class, anxiety has always got the better of me. This week I finally built up my courage and went, even if my mother had to push me through the door. I am so happy that I went, it was such a lovely class, the instructor also spoke about veganism and mindfulness which was a complete bonus. Is it possible to already feel the benefits? I am looking forward to my next class already!

Thats all for now, I hope your enjoying March as much as I am, Nicole.

Sandy Paws.

Today has been another lovely March day, the weather may have been a little blue (and not the nice kind) but that did not stop my family and I enjoying a lovely walk along the beach. It was surprisingly quite warm and actually I put far too many layers on including three pairs of socks and skiing gloves, after all, better safe than sorry.

I am a country girl at heart and well, I don’t think there is any place I would rather live than in some weird and wonderful treehouse surrounded by the woods however somedays I find myself craving the sea air. The peaceful sound of the waves, the wide open space and in this case the stillness of the lighthouse. By the way how wonderful are lighthouses?

It was all truly calming, until Archie came bounding over with his playful little trot. Like me he loves new places, different senses and an exiting new adventure. Don’t get me wrong his enjoyment is lovely to see although it brings with it its problems. He can not resist jumping here, there and everywhere including up at people to say hello. He thinks everyone wants to be his friend and although entertaining it can sometimes lead to trouble. Like today, he decided the young boys playing in the sand wanted him to join them and by running away screaming in fear was an invitation to chase them. Wrong. I couldn’t help for laughing too much as my father ran after my mother, who ran after Archie, who was running after the young boys.. Puppies.. or should I say children?


Reunited with Syd, both fed and watered and Archie is completely worn out.. for now at least!



Thankful, Grateful, Blessed.

Two years ago today I admitted myself into hospital. Two years, 730 days and what feels like a lifetime ago. I guess it feels like so long ago because I have grown so much, more than I could ever have imagined.

This day is always strangely special to me as it really did mark the first day of the rest of my life. The 11th March 2014 was the day I said goodbye to anorexia, it did not go overnight but it was the day I promised myself and truly believed it that I would break free. Two years later I am free.

I can not describe what it is like to live with anorexia, no matter how hard I try I am unable to find the words that express the true pain and torture it causes.

After a long battle I know what it is like to be free. Freedom is no longer a distant hope or a future dream, it is my way of life. It enables me to feel peaceful both in body and mind, it allows me to accept myself, love myself and live, leaving anorexia behind.

If it wasn’t for this date, I dread to think who or where I would be. I feel that this day is a day for me to celebrate all the things that I am grateful for; Freedom, hope, strength, courage, bravery, determination, support, family, health, energy, life, the world, my future, and so much more.

Today I celebrate all that I have become, today I celebrate my freedom.




Hello to March.

March has arrived and with March comes St Davids Day, Mothers day, more Spring lambs and my birthday to! As you can probably tell March is one of my favourite months and I thought I would share with you a few of my March moments so far, do not fear there is plenty more to come.


Firstly a huge appreciation to mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers everywhere, how blessed I am to have all three wonderful women in my life. For those of you who don’t know Wales, we celebrate our beautiful country on the 1st of March and our national flower is the lovely daffodil.

Now, how adorable is this little lamb? His mother sadly passed away so he, along with his twin brother are being bottle fed in the barns, feeding the lambs is my all time favourite Spring thing to do. Lastly how blooming lovely (see what I did there?) are these tulips? I went to sleep with them closed shut and awoken with them as open as ever, truly the most beautiful tulips I have ever seen.

I have used beautiful and lovely far too much in this post but those words sum March up perfectly, don’t you agree? Nicole.