Santa brings vegan sweets.

And there I was thinking my first gluten-free, vegan Christmas was going to be boring and far from indulgent. As everybody knows chocolate is one of my favourite foods, dark chocolate in particular. In fact, I think it was one of my main concerns over becoming vegan however, it is totally possible to be vegan and enjoy as much chocolate as you like and I think Christmas has proved it.

This year my stocking was filled with goodies, all Nicole friendly and totally indulgent. Here are a few of my favourites, ones I can not wait to try and well.. let’s just say ones that are still photographable (ooops). Continue reading “Santa brings vegan sweets.”


Tips for being ‘the fussy one’.

Nobody likes feeling like the fussy one. Always having to think about where you can eat, if there will be anything suitable or if what is suitable really is what it says and won’t leave you wondering if your going to be ill.

With Christmas coming and lot’s of eating out taking place I thought I would share with you a couple of tips to keep you free from reactions along with a few of my favourite allergy and vegan friendly places to visit. Continue reading “Tips for being ‘the fussy one’.”

A year worth sharing.

As 2015 comes to end I felt it almost impossible to look back at my year and not smile. I haven’t had a year as good as this one in possibly forever, that sounds so very dramatic and of course not all 365 days have been wonderful but the majority of my year has been spent truly living. In what feels like a lifetime of sleepwalking, I am happy to say this year has been lived.

I am not one for New Years resolutions simply because if I make them I feel pressured to achieve them and I would rather enjoy the New Year and reflect later on. I think if I had of made any resolutions I would have achieved them and so much more. Without boasting or filling myself with too much pride here are a few of my 2015 highlights.

This year has been filled with new beginnings, adventures and true freedom.

  • For the first time this year I have been able to say ‘I have recovered from anorexia’, words I never believed I would say.
  • I achieved my floristry qualification, making wonderful friends along the way.
  • I started pole dancing and although I didn’t finish I still started, wearing short shorts in a room full of strangers and letting my confidence grow.
  • I crimped my hair, covered myself in glitter and saw SCLUB7 with my best friend (living the dream).
  • Archie joined our family!
  • I fed the baby lambs at my Grandfathers farm.
  • My sister and I ran the colour run.
  • Eight countries in twelve days. White water rafting in Austria, ice cream, pasta and true Italian joy, Paris. Seeing so much of this beautiful world. A trip I will never forget.
  • I started my vegan journey.
  • Along came Polly and also many driving lessons.
  • I became a Godmother to my beautiful Godson, Osian.
  • Exploring and falling in love with Brighton.
  • I started university and became a health and social care student. It is still early days but I achieved my first A.
  • My two incredible friends and I ran the colour obstacle run, I am already looking forward to doing it again.

As well as those already mentioned I have been on so many lovely adventures. I have felt happiness, freedom and what it is like to truly live as me, just me. 2016, you have an awful lot to live up to but I have no doubt you will be just as wonderful.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

My first steps towards feeling Christmassy have to be buying an advent calendar (or my mother buying me an advent calendar), this year will be my first vegan Christmas and I shall be enjoying all the dairy free chocolate goodies I can find.

Drinking Christmas coffee as you can see, Starbucks, Costa and my home time favourite Littles.  A new favourite of mine is roasting chestnuts, I have never tried them before this week. Not only are they delicious but they fill the house with a warming Christmassy scent, just make sure you prick them before roasting… I won’t go into what happened, let’s just say it ended very badly and very messy.

Making some Christmas crafts, painting, cards, homemade garlands (you are never to old). Decorating the Christmas tree, this year my mother has chosen to plant the tree in our garden once the festivities are over.  We chose a smaller one than usual due to a very mischievous puppy and although small it is truly adorable. So small our usual star was far too big for the top but a little improvising and my sweet ‘when it’s raining look for rainbows, in the dark look for stars’ star looks perfect.

Wrapping presents, one of my all time favourite things to do, complete with string and gift tags to. Of course last but not least, taking oh so cute photographs of my four legged friends, Archie doesn’t know whats coming. I am sure I shall be updating with more festivities as we get closer to the special day, until then I wish you a wonderful December.