Doodle bug.

It seems I am becoming quite the doodler, not that I have ever been able to stop my pencil from scribbling away. Whenever I have a spare few minutes or I need a moment to myself I find myself drifting into my sketchbook. This makes a nice change to the usual cutting and sticking I am use to. Although just little doodles here and there I find it all very peaceful and I am left feeling content after every painting. With Christmas around the corner I am sure my cutting and sticking will be back but this year with a few painted additions. For more of my little crafts and cards visit my ‘Addressed to you’ Pinterest page.


Always remember the fifth of November.

Yesterday evening my family and I had a little bonfire at my grandfather’s farm, I say little it really wasn’t little. To start the bonfire celebrations, friday night my sister and I made chocolate covered apples complete with sprinkles which we gave out around the fire. We also took marshmallow sticks to roast, sadly I forgot to buy vegan marshmallows but the fire was far too hot to get close enough to roast so I didn’t miss out anyway.

I came home from work yesterday to find my mother had made a lovely chickpea stew which I enjoyed before wrapping myself up in oodles of layers and leaving for the farm. We all started the evening with sparklers, you are never too old for sparklers. We then huddled around the fire and my father set some fireworks off, which after panicking about I surprisingly enjoyed. I feel like I did everything you expect to do on Bonfire night even taking blurry photographs.

Now Halloween and Bonfire night have both been and gone, what is next? I hear jingle bells.