October Favourites.

This isn’t a usual ‘monthly favourites’ post as I don’t use enough beauty products but I have had some oh so lovely days this month so I thought I would share a few of my favourites along with some of my photographs. October is always a busy month for me as it is my friends and my mothers birthdays. To celebrate my beautiful friend, Katherine’s birthday we went to Dutton’s in Chester, it was lovely and Nicole friendly (gluten-free and vegan), two of my other friends who joined us are also celiac and were to impressed with the options. As you can see I think I enjoyed my mocktail more than I enjoyed my meal.

For my mothers birthday we didn’t travel far as my family and I chose to go opposite Dutton’s to The Botanist. I can not say enough about this beautiful, relaxed restaurant. It had all we could have wanted for a family night, the service was wonderful and the food was perfect. I enjoyed one of the deli boards filled with houmous, beans, vegetables and herby potatoes followed by mocktails. My family also really enjoyed the food which is a rare occurrence that we find somewhere that pleases the six of us. I am already looking forward to visiting again. Whilst on the subject of my mothers birthday I also made this bouquet. I haven’t made anything floristry wise in so very long and I loved making this, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it (note to self make more time to make bouquets).

Moving on to Halloween treats, sadly I did not have time to make any of my pumpkin creations however I did make some sweet treats. First I baked these gingerbread skellingtons for my mother’s playgroup party followed by these adorable rice crispy treats for the trick or treaters. Both were super easy and quick to do although after icing over thirty skellingtons my hand was rather achy. I was also behind on dog costumes and tried to be creative. Syd (big fluffy yellow labrador) looks like the worlds laziest ghost and Archie (small cute black labrador cross greyhound) looks like a snowman, I have not stopped laughing at these photographs, who needs a fancy dress shop when you have Pinterest right? wrong, so very wrong.

Here are also some of my favourite October photographs, ‘be bright’ such a lovely and simple quote to start any morning with. Here is Archie and I before university one morning, he is so adorably loving in the mornings. Some wild flowers I saw out running, I have really started to enjoy running lately and I can feel myself improving already. A photograph of my great grandparents outside the farm-house, my grandfather found this and I love old photographs especially when I can see where they have been taken (if that makes sense). Lastly my little autumnal display which will soon be replaced with a winter one.

This month I have also done my usual university work, Lush work and learning to drive but that’s the boring things (although totally not boring and I am super-duper enjoying all of them). I also went to Liverpool with my friend, Rosie and started Christmas shopping and by that I mean looking around all the shops and making a mental shopping list, we also popped into Wagamamas for lunch which was lovely as always. I have been on some truly beautiful autumn walks and I met up with some friends for lunch at The Plassey which was again Nicole friendly and delicious. That pretty much sums up my October favourites, I hope you have had as wonderful month as I have.

Goodbye October it’s been swell.


World Mental Health Day 2015.

Mental health is something that is very close to my heart, without sounding too emotional or preachy it is something I whole-heartedly support and something I want to create a change in. Against the stigma, societies negative image and people who simply do not understand. I want to help people understand and what better day than today.

If you read just one thing today let it be about something that could help somebody experiencing a mental health problem, or at some point in your life yourself because as research shows one in four people will at some point experience a mental health problem. That is a one in four chance that this could be you or somebody you love.

There are so many wonderful charities and organisations today that raise awareness, share research, support people, create an understanding and undoubtedly save lives. Here are a few useful links that you may find helpful. MindTime to changeNhsMental health.

Seeing Time to Change’s recent campaign #smallthings got me thinking, is it just people who are diagnosed with a mental illness that need small things to improve there mental health? We are all on a continuum of mental health and wellbeing so I guess we would all be better of from doing one good small thing a day, whether it be for ourselves or for somebody else. So other than a little reading up on mental health today I also ask you to do one small thing to better your mood or somebody else’s or both!

Some of the small things that give me better mental health are: Walking, I love nothing more than getting outdoors, providing it isn’t too cold and I have comfy shoes on. Preferably with Archie, my dog and also my camera.

Going for coffee, so maybe health experts would disagree with me on this one but there is something very pleasing about going into a coffee shop, snuggling into a comfy chair and watching the world go by whilst of course enjoying a cup of coffee.

Baking or painting, creating something, what ever it may be gives me a boost, even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want I find it very therapeutic, relaxing and fun. It also makes my family happy to.

Each of these small things makes me happy and takes less than an hour to do. I hope this weekend you manage to do something small (or big) that improves yours or others mental health.

Falling in love with Brighton.

After just four days of exploring Brighton, I am completely in love. The lanes, the beach, the food, it is all truly beautiful and worth the five-hour train journey. Brighton is filled with places to explore and I am sure I will be visiting again. If you’re visiting I would highly suggest renting some bicycles and cycling along the front to the beach huts, this was so lovely and gave us a little break from exploring the lanes.

If you’re looking for something to eat I would suggest VBites, not only is this a completely vegan cafe but also offers a range of gluten-free options, even pizza! Exploring the oh so famous pier was lovely at night and watching the sunset whilst enjoying a Bagel Man picnic was beautiful.

Being only a short train journey outside the business of London I would have never expected Brighton to be so relaxing and peaceful. I’m already looking forward to going again. Bicycle hireVBitesBagel Man.