May’s finds and favourites.

Gluten free and vegan

From chocolate bars to phone cases and all things in-between, May has seen more finds and favourites than most, I hope you enjoy. As always, if you have any lifestyle choices or allergies/intolerances please make sure you double check the ingredients, as each person is different, and labelling can change.

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How does nature benefit your wellbeing?

Sharing fifteen of your responses and my new project.

I asked over on Instagram highlights ‘does nature benefit your wellbeing?’, and to my surprise, (I sometimes feel like it is just me and I’m a little strange for how helpful I find nature) almost all of you answered yes. Intrigued and wanting to find out more, I asked you to explain ‘why, how or in what way nature benefits your wellbeing?’, and the response I had, just had to be shared.

So, here is how nature benefits your wellbeing, or at least those who answered. As always, nature isn’t every one’s cup of tea and it doesn’t (always) work as a magical cure to better our wellbeing.. but in no particular order, here are a fifteen of the responses I had. Continue reading “How does nature benefit your wellbeing?”

To the mountains.

As I said in my previous ‘Sweet bluebells‘ post, I have a few walking photographs to share with you. Until looking back on the photographs I had taken during my break from blogging, I did not realise just how much I needed the time spent outside.

My last couple of posts and with it being mental health awareness week, have reminded me of how great nature is for my wellbeing. Of course, everyone is different, I say this because I know how frustrating the whole ‘just go for a walk’ can be. Being in nature is not a quick fix, nor one that helps everyone, and it is important to know that, equally, it is important to know that for some, like myself, it can be incredibly helpful. Continue reading “To the mountains.”

Sweet bluebells.

During my kind of, break from blogging, I went on some pretty beautiful walks, and unlike my lack of writing, I could not put my camera down. I now have, a file of photographs which I believe are far too beautiful to keep just for myself, if I do say so myself and well, my Instagram may be overflowing with a sea of green grass and dog friends.

Over the next couple of posts I will be sharing a few of my walks and mindful moments, I have had whilst offline.

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A gluten free, vegan, tomato and basil pasta bake.

A very simple almost ‘cheats’ way to a delightful gluten-free, vegan pasta bake, I am mostly sharing this so that I can remember exactly, how I through this dish together and to answer a few of the ‘how did you make this?’ questions over on Instagram.

I found this recipe made three portions but of course, this may vary depending on what you serve it with.

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Less time online and mental health awareness week.

Hello, old friends, an update like thought process which as always, is rambling and quite possibly nonsense.

So, you may (or may not) have noticed, my inconsistent and very much lack of posting over the last few weeks. It started with taking a weekend ‘off’, isn’t it strange how sometimes blogging and sharing over social media can seem almost, job-like? I guess, for some it is, but for me it has first and foremost been a hobby and as I have said before, a kind of therapy for me, any collaborations have been a small bonus. Continue reading “Less time online and mental health awareness week.”

April moments.

Can you believe how quickly this year is going? I simply, cannot believe it is the beginning of May already! With that, I share with you, a collection of April moments taken from my journal. I am surprised with myself for keeping up with journaling, not only that but still really enjoying it too.

April has been really rather busy but also quite relaxed, I think because there have been many ‘moments’ each filled with love and joy, the kind of business and often, stressful things, this month has seen have been pleasantly disguised. Continue reading “April moments.”