Weekend walks.

I have not shared a post like this in a while, I think I may have gotten a tad too doubtful over what I share and somewhere my me-ness might have gotten a little lost, that and it has been too cold for much exploring.

Anyway, with a weekend of blue sky and myself starting to tackle the assignments I have to write, I have been able to find some time to put on my trainers and venture outside. Continue reading “Weekend walks.”


Five days of self-care.

Sometimes it is easy to believe what we are told self-care is, whether it is a company trying to sell something or a what it is for a friend but self-care is individual and it can change with whatever it is you need at a certain time.

Here is how I find out what it is I need and the kind of things I view as self-care.

Continue reading “Five days of self-care.”

Exploring North Wales.

Ten of my favourite (I think/so far) places of beauty in North Wales.

I have wanted to share my favourite places to explore nature for a while, only, each time I try, my list seems to become a never-ending list and so, I decide not to post. Only, the more I explore and the more beauty I discover, the more I wish to share, so here is my unfinished (there is still so very much to explore) list of beautiful places in North Wales. I cannot share the exact trails and tracks I take, as my auntie is usually the tour guide and she never has a map, we both believe getting lost is part of the adventure (or so we tell ourselves, disclaimer, use a map). Continue reading “Exploring North Wales.”

Trying to cope with feeling trapped.

A post talking about difficult memories, Anxiety, panic and trying to cope.

So, it might be a little un-professional (scrap that thought lets not try to be professional), to talk about not coping, especially when this seems to be a kind of ‘advice’ post, or maybe not, and oh no I am rambling already. Okay, so, I have decided, this is not an advice post, it is just me making sense of a few thoughts and feelings I have, or at least trying to, sometimes that is all I can do and sometimes that itself is the biggest of tasks. Continue reading “Trying to cope with feeling trapped.”

January moments & update.

One of my favourite things about journaling is, at the end of each month, I write a list of ‘monthly moments’. A page, where I look back through my daily planner pages, noticing what I have done and write down the moments that give me a little something. Whether that ‘little something’ is, relief (a big one this month with university and other mind things), pride, love or joy. Looking at whatever it is, that I have benefited from in some way, no matter how big or small.

I am not too sure if I will share all with you here, as I do like to keep some moments, just for me, but I thought I would share some, along with this idea. So far, I have found, reflecting and writing this way gives me some of those good feelings and I hope to continue do this throughout the year. Continue reading “January moments & update.”

January’s food finds.

Hello and welcome to the first free from finds post of the year, let’s see if I can post one each month. It is looking promising as it is getting much easier to find gluten-free and vegan finds to share with you. This post has had a helping hand from Veganuary, with more inspiration and products around than possibly ever before, fingers crossed it stays.

I hope these posts, help you find something that you find beneficial, maybe you are struggling to find things because of intolerances, looking for inspiration as you embark on a vegan journey of your own or if like me, you simply like seeing what others have found and tried throughout the month. Continue reading “January’s food finds.”

Six things that help me sleep better.

I am unsure if it is just me being overly concerned (I do that) but I seem to be seeing more and more posts on people struggling to sleep. Perhaps it is the time of year, the faster paced lives we are living or maybe, the oh so familiar feeling of not being able to ‘turn off’ is one that is shared.

For as long as I can remember, I have adored sleep, as a child, I could pretty much nap anywhere, the park, the beach and of course a comforting, cosy sofa, even with my family rustling and bustling around me. Looking a little deeper (but not too deep) at my childhood, I used to have quite a lot of vivid nightmares, with an over-active imagination and well, anxiety too, sleeping in the evening has not always been great, which would explain my love for napping. Continue reading “Six things that help me sleep better.”