Guest post, Natasha on creating a natural home.

Hello, bringing you something a little different in this post, as my passion to use more natural products grows, I have looked to those who inspire me for helpful advice and stories of how they began. If you are thinking about making any changes, natural products or something completely different, remember, we all must begin somewhere so never feel embarrassed to start or to ask those who inspire you about their beginning.

One of my biggest inspirations in making my start has been my wonderful friend, Natasha. I have been asking her all kinds of things and well, she is pretty great at explaining things. With that, I thought I would ask her to share her beginning, along with some tips and tricks to become more natural, along with eco-friendly, whilst creating and maintaining a home environment.

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Twenty-four hours without single-use plastic.

For this post I have taken part in the Global Wake Cup’s challenge, of twenty-four hours without any single-use plastic. Wake Cup and The Marine Conservation Society are aiming to inspire people all over the world to take part in the challenge, and you can too, sign up here to take part.

Of course, some things really cannot be helped, plastic is everywhere but this challenge is designed to make people more mindful of the small changes that can be made to help reduce our single-use plastic footprint.

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My stay at the Four Seasons, Vilamoura.

As you may have read in my ‘A short stay in Vilamoura, Portugal’ post, I have recently had the pleasure of enjoying a long weekend in Portugal, where my family and I, stayed at the Four Seasons resort. I have nothing but good words to say on this beautiful place, thus, I have found myself writing a whole post on the hotel alone. I would not normally write this kind of post but, when my sister and I, were researching hotels, I found myself looking for blog posts on places instead of the usual type of reviews. I think there is something more relatable and I guess, authentic about a blog post.

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A short stay in Vilamoura, Portugal.

So, it has been a while since I have been able to share any travel posts, a part of me thought about deleting the category all together but I soon reminded myself of my dreams for traveling here, there and everywhere and so, I kept it with the hope that amongst ill health and studying, I would be able to do a little more traveling and who knows, maybe the brighter days to come might hold just that.

A few months back, my sister organised a trip for my family and I to Vilamoura, Portugal. I worried about traveling with the way my health and symptoms have been recently, but I will share more about that in another post. I will also, be sharing more on where we stayed but for now I bring you all that this weekend brought me, calm, creativity and time spent with my family, I do hope you enjoy reading.

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Taking each day as it comes.

It’s been five years since I began my recovery, or at least, I think so, recovery is confusing and so is trying to figure out when it begins, when it ends, if it ends? As I mentioned in my Eating Disorders Awareness 2019 post, an eating disorder is individual and I guess, that means recovery is too. As well as being individual, I think it changes, well, at least for me it does. It changes with wherever I am, I have used the words ‘recovered’ before because that is how I have felt at that time and then I change again, I learn more about myself and things get better or unfortunately sometimes they get difficult again. Right now, my recovery is ongoing, I used to think there were weakness in this, but I don’t think that anymore, I prefer to take each day as it comes and right now, this works for me. Continue reading “Taking each day as it comes.”

Hello March.

Welcoming March with seven facts about me.

For this post, I thought I would share one fact about myself that comes up in each day this week, combining Chole’s tag from Palm Full of Feathers with my first week of the month journal post. I love reading facts about people and journal like posts from other bloggers so why not try and combine them? Also, Hello and welcome to those who are new here, it continues to amaze me that people enjoy reading my rambles here, anyway, let’s see if this post works. Continue reading “Hello March.”

February’s finds.

A selection of the food and beauty products I have discovered this February.

I am pretty sure I say this each year, but February seems to go so quickly, here are a few of the products and items I have found this month, from chickpeas to skin-care, I hope you find something of interest. As always, if you are purchasing any of the products mentioned, please double check if you have an allergy or specific lifestyle.  Continue reading “February’s finds.”

Having an eating disorder doesn’t make having a physical health problem, learning difference or other mental health problem any less valid.

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, only as there is quite the mixture of thoughts on seeking support for physical illnesses with experiences of mental illnesses, I guess I felt it would do no good. It is not the most positive of posts but after seeing a few others mention similar experiences this past week, I thought I would share. Continue reading “Having an eating disorder doesn’t make having a physical health problem, learning difference or other mental health problem any less valid.”