A happy place.

Yesterday afternoon, my aunty and I went walking, if you have been following me for a while, you will know that when my aunty leads the way, we never know where we will end up or what we will discover. Both being a little tired and undecided on a location, we thought about a short local walk but with the blue sky appearing after a somewhat grey day, the coastal views called us.

Before we knew it, the sea was in sight and with Osca and Jess (my aunties two dogs) were most excited, as their paws pressed up against the edge of the car window, peering out towards the sea and wagging their little tails like always. Continue reading “A happy place.”

June moments.

June has been spent mostly attempting to meet university deadlines and so far, as I approach my final few weeks, all is going well. Taking a back seat from blogging was most definitely needed, now, after spending more time offline, and prioritising university work, I am feeling more creative than ever before. Does anyone else find the sunshine increases their creativity? Anyway.. seeing as I seem to be back from my break, here are some of my June moments taken from my journal. Continue reading “June moments.”

Deliciously simple pasta.

A gluten free, vegan, extremely simple and oh so, fresh pasta dish. 

Like most of my creations, this is something I put together whilst hoping for the best, and if I do say so myself the best is what I got. I am unsure if this counts as a ‘recipe’, but with being quite literally gathering what I had in the cupboards and putting it together, there was no time for correct cooking procedures.. and after all, the most simplest of dishes do not require measurements, and the deliciousness is not any less delicious, from less than professional chopping skills, right?

This deliciously simple pasta dish is perfect for a quick meal, a little meal prep, or perhaps, a side dish for a summer time get together. Suitable for gluten free, vegan friends and also, onion and garlic free too.

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A few days at the Lake District.

Hello, as I have been sharing over on Instagram, my university work load is taking over and well, I haven’t had much time to write anything other than assignements or job applications. I am however, (trying) to make sure I take some time for self-care, allowing myself to listen to my body and know when I need to rest or at least take my eyes away from research book after research book, hence this impromptu blog post I find myself writing..

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Twenty Fifty, Old Colwyn.

Visiting North Wales’s first waste free store

As I shared over on Instagram, there are just two waste free shops near-by and neither are in walking distance, or not that I am aware of, if you know otherwise please do let me know. Before the post goes on please know, I am first and foremost a kindness-advocate, I hope that makes sense? What I mean is, sometimes posts about ‘changes’, can seem pressurising and can also leave people (sensitive soul speaking from experience) feeling like a failure. I believe, and share often, that small difference can make a difference. Do what you can do, where and how you can do it, but always being kind to yourself, it is very important.

Anyway, visiting the newly opened waste free store, Twenty Fifty, was lovely, so much so, I thought I would share a little more about our visit with you here. Continue reading “Twenty Fifty, Old Colwyn.”

May moments.


Somewhere in the couple of months that have past, my blogging seems to have slowed, my Instagram on the other hand feels like it’s blooming, it’s strange isn’t it? Fellow bloggers, I am sure you will understand, sometimes I can feel so dependent on my blog, not necessarily the format or it being online but what writing and sharing in this way, give me, and well, other times, like the months that have just past, I feel I no longer need it, not in the same way at least.

Anyway, I do continue to love sharing and being creative too. I have also kept up with my journaling, diary days, monthly moments and of course, the many doodles it holds. So here are a few moments from May. Continue reading “May moments.”